Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Wedding Date: December 13, 2011
Wedding Venue: Baguio Cathedral
Photographer: Metro Photo
Hairstylist: Rowena Sonido
Gown: Cecilio Abad

I can still remember how Lyanne tried to contact me to confirm regarding my availability for her wedding day, I guess it was just more or less than a week before and good thing I have no scheduled work on that day, before and the day after it since it will be held at Baguio.

So I brought my team with me and we were also excited since it will also be a way of having a breath of fresh air away from Manila. Lyanne is my kababayan and I was humbled when she told me that she always wanted me to do her makeup for her wedding ever since. She said she has been checking all my works from celebrities to bridal clients.

So her special day came and I was surprised with how hardworking this lady is. She has imagined how her wedding would look like from the wedding motif, entourage gowns and her bridal gown, invitations, and she even hand made all the souvenirs for all her guests.

Pink and purple are the color motif for her wedding and since the time she called me, she wanted both colors to at least be seen on her makeup. I was a bit inhesistant at first since I rarely use bold colors for my brides but then as per client’s request, I just said ‘Akong bahala.” So I gave her what she wants, playing with purple for her eyes and pink on her lips making sure the approach wont make her image looks very 80’s.

She was very happy and so am I. Surely this lady’s hardwork and her vision of having the wedding of her dream has paid off. Congratulations Lyanne and it was nice meeting you as well!


Wedding Date: November 19, 2011
Wedding Venue: Edsa Shangri-la
Photographer: Pat Dy
Hairstylist: Rowena Sonido

Everytime i do bridal makeup, theres always an inspiration where I draw my vision for my bride. Sometimes I drew it from the beautiful wedding gown, the bouquet, the personality of the bride, etc. Its not just a usual photoshoot for advertising or magazine wherein there's a certain peg for you to follow. In this case, I drew it from the simplicity and natural beauty of Elaine.

I have met Elaine since I was still working with the Toni and Guy salon, and I knew her as a very simple and also jolly in character. She has a beautiful skin, nice set of teeth and a beautiful eyes.

 I made sure to just enhance some facial features and not use too much makeup so her natural beauty stands out. I even just painted the crease of her eyes with a natural brown color as a base and nothing else. Im afraid the more color i put on, it will just dominate the natural beauty that her eyes deserves.

Congrats Elaine and hoping to work with you again soon.


Wedding Date: May 27, 2012
Wedding Venue: Edsa Shangri-la
Photographer: Pat Dy
Hairstylist: Rowena Sonido
Gown: Veluz Reyes

They say first impression lasts, but not all the time it is true. I first met Bev during the makeup trial at my studio and she was so quiet and a bit serious then. But then when I get to know her more and especially during her wedding day, her real personality comes out.

She is a very fun, light spirited individual who can even understand some of the gay lingos. The entire session was very light and very fun since we been joking around and talking like as if we knew each other for a long time.

I even joked that I will have her fiancé borrowed because he looks adorable and has a very nice smile, and she said "of course". The entire day was as if like we were playing around and then not noticing that we were done with all the makeups and we are still chit chatting and laughing around.

Her bubbly personality just stands out and it even made her look glowing and look beautiful with her makeup on. Congrats Bev and I had fun working with you!

Wedding: Katherine Chan: THE SOFT SPOKEN BRIDE

Wedding Date: March 17, 2012
Wedding Venue: San Antonio de Padua Church
Photographer: Erron Ocampo
Hairstylist: Rowena Sonido
Bridal Gown: Vera Wang
Entourage: Martin Bautista

I met the Chan sisters through their eldest sister Florence. The Chan sisters have not only been my loyal clients since then, but most especially they've been very close to my hearts. These 4 females are equally beautiful and I just love playing with their look and give them the look which highlights their greatest assets so as to give them individuality.

Glowing bride

Wedding cake made by her very own sister, Olive.

Olive, Martin B., Flo, and the bride.

Katherine is such a soft spoken and very quiet among the girls. She is very simple, not much of a female who loves putting makeup on and all. After I was done with her makeup, it brings out the best in her especially that I emphasized her eyes with a very natural brown-taupe eyeshadow, concentrating the the color on the outer crease so as to open her beautiful "chinita" eyes.

After crying, she still looks fresh and beautiful

And when its time for me to work on Flo's makeup, she told me right away she wanted to look different among the 3 girls, she even joked that her peg is J-Lo. She wanted to look sophisticated and more character so i gave her a soft smokey gunmetal eyeshadow. And she did look sophisticated and each girl has a different look yet they all look stunning.

Soon to be my next Bride, Florence

Gorgeous sisters

Techy sisters

It was a pleasure and had fun working with you girls! Congrats again Katherine. Hope to work with you again soon!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Jessa Zaragosa for Kapag Wala Na Ang Ulan Album Cover
Photographer: Doc Marlon Pecjo
Stylist: Matt Gozon
Makeup PEG: Young, Fresh and Natural
Hairstylist: George Aliben

Who would not know the phenomenal diva who created the song "Bakit Pa" sung by people of all ages then? It was a sure hit and I can still remember how people or even I myself would sing it imitating her one of a kind voice. And indeed no one else does it but only her, Jessa Zaragosa. When I was asked by Benj her RM I didn't hesitate to grab the opportunity and also that I was on Doc Marlon's studio that same day shooting for a different ad. In short "lagare" ako that day.

With George, the hairstylist

Doc Marlon, Jessa, Matt, Me, and Benj her RM

It was fun working with Jessa, she is such a bubbly and very down to earth person. We were laughing the entire shoot as  I was trying to sing some of her old famous songs imitating her voice and also her projection.

This will be her debut as she was quite for sometime so i made sure na may pasabog. She has very beautiful fair skin which I didn't have much problem. All I did is to highlight her skin and using natural tones so that her beautiful skin will still stand out. It was also fun working with her since she knows what she wants and she is not hard to work with.

Our goal was to make her look young and fresh as she is about to once again step onto the limelight of the industry where everyone has been missing and waiting for her comeback. It was a long day for me since I been working from morning til evening then but everything was worth it especially that you saw your job is great and Jessa was satisfied and very happy with my work.

I myself am so happy working with her since I am a big fan of hers and her phenomenal songs. Congrats to Ms. Jessa Zaragosa-Avanzado and indeed bongga ang iyong pagbabalik.