Monday, August 1, 2011


Wedding date: May 27, 2011
Wedding Venue: Fernbrook Gardens
Photographer: Dennis Garcia and Wally Guerrero
Videographer: Threelogy 
Hairstylist: Rowena Sonido

Working for the wedding industry allows me to be exposed to different women of different age, social status, profession, personalities and of course different faces/canvas for me to work on. And it is something that I love because it is not only where I get to meet different people but it is a very rewarding job in the end especially if you were able to highlight whatever the bride desires or whatever it is you think that will fit her basing on herself (personality, facial assets, etc.). And it is very flattering and at the same time a big help that the brides I worked with were very happy with my work and even refers me to their friends or relatives that will soon to get marry.

The Bride and her maids

Months before the wedding, I received a call from a wedding coordinator regarding her client, Ana May, who wants to avail my service for her wedding. I asked if when does her client wants to do the trial but Ana May says that she doesn't need it since she trust my work. It was her friend Nikki(whom I also did her wedding makeup) who referred me to her. She loved how Nikki's personality/desire was translated or even highlighted on the makeup I did during the wedding. "Yun ang look nya even sa US and siyang siya yung makeup na un" as she said. Ana May is working and living in the US which also made it hard for her to fix schedules and also to take care of the wedding details. So when she arrived in Manila, she took time to meet me and I even did her makeup since she will be having a shoot on that day. Ana May is such a sweet and thoughtful bride that even I don't know her personally(nor even have the chance to chat or talk with her) she get to bring a "pasalubong" for me (Thanks again Ana May).
Ana and Dongski were already married and been living together in US for years and they just wanted to have a formal wedding here in Philippines. They are such a sweet couple that when you see them together, its like as if its their first wedding experience.

The cute Couple on their wedding carriage

On the wedding day, the guy escorted us going to the bridal room with his camera while capturing every moment related to her bride and said it will be for her behind the scene photos. Ana May has been very vocal with what she wants for her makeup. She wanted a dramatic eye yet fresh and naturally looking and of course something that will fit her age or better if she will look more "bagets". So what I did is to make a smokey eyes using a mixture of bronze and dark brown eyeshadows to make it look soft and natural still.

Before and After look
Creating the dramatic/smokey eyes
Ate Weng doing the hair

The wedding theme is very dramatic and fantasy like especially that the venue look itself is fairytale inspired. Castle like wedding venue, wonderland inspired reception, cinderella inspired carriage with her very own coachman, etc. and not to forget her very own Prince Charming, only deserves a beautiful princess that will make the clock stop ticking as she walks down the aisle.

The Princess
As she walks down the aisle
And finally with her Prince Charming
Ana and Dongski are very cute and very thoughtful couple that they see to it that all our needs were taken care of. Hearing them appreciating my work and at the same time seeing the happiness on their faces especially on the bride just made my day. It was indeed a fantasy which was then translated into reality. The princess finally marry her prince and nothing took away their happiness and their moment not even at the sound of the clock. Congrats again Ana May and Dongski, and as any fairy tales end.. May you live happily ever after...

Ana May and Dongski's On-site video


Ava said...

Tita May, really like your wedding videos and photos, fantastic work!! we want the same service! Congrats again for you too!

Dennis Dizon Garcia said...

Thanks Leo for the credit! May was an amazing bride both inside and out! Your team made her look even more amazing!

To see their fun Boracay trip and After-wedding White Party visit my Blog Site.


DENNISE said...

Planning an event such as this is no joke. Anna May being so detailed and knows exactly what she wants made it easier for everyone to execute a perfect wedding. I am honored to have been one of the bridesmaid in the wedding and I can tell you that everyone's hard work paid off.

Leo Posadas gave her the look she wanted and did it very well. The bride look stunning and everyone had goosebumps when the back door opened and she was standing in the middle of the aisle ready to walk it while the PhilHarmonic Orchestra started playing her song. It was the a memorable moment!

Her makeup lasted the whole wedding event which made her glow in every picture taken by Dennis Garcia. I love every picture taken during the wedding because we know that in a few years time when we look back and reminisce about it-- we would have happy thoughts and good fun times and memories about it!

Good JOb Leo Posadas and team, Dennis Garcia and the whole wedding entourage! Cheers!